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supporting content creators

typkup is an online store that empowers creators to monetize their content by giving consumers the ability to support the content they love with their everyday purchases, no matter the items their audience chooses to purchase.

content creators become affiliates through a simple application process. once approved, all they need to do is share typkup.com with their audience, who will then choose a creator from a drop down menu at checkout. each time a follower or subscriber makes a purchase after choosing a creator, that content creator gets a percentage of the margin from the sale. It’s that easy!

  • visit our “become an affiliate” page and submit your application in the form provided.

  • your application will be reviewed within 7 days.

  • if approved, you then be able to share typkup with your audience.

  • plug the typkup site and let your audience know to pick your name from the drop down menu at checkout and start earning 20% of the margin from every purchase they make at typkup.com!

  • visit our “shop” page and choose from thousands of items across a wide variety of product categories.
  • once your shopping is complete and you’re ready to check out, if you’d like to support a participating podcast, vlogger, or other content creator, choose your content creator from the drop down menu at checkout, and we’ll compensate the corresponding creator with 20% of the margin from your order.
  • shoppers aren't required to sponsor a content creator to shop typkup.