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typkup is an online store offering thousands of items in a wide range of categories that gives shoppers the ability to support participating podcasts and other content creators through their everyday purchases.

typkup wants to help content creators from any platform become affiliate marketers so they can monetize their content. once creators are signed up, they only need to plug or share typkup.com with their audience and they do the rest!

creating ways to express

typkup provides a path for content creators to monetize their content, free of censorship and other controls that all too often come along with being a company affiliate. it is also a place that consumers can purchase everyday items while simultaneously supporting the channels, shows and creators they love.

the best part is that there are no limits on what customers can purchase from typkup to support creators! gone are the days of being limited to selling hats and mugs in your own online shop; with typkup, you can focus on creating the content your audience wants, and they get to choose from thousands of items to purchase knowing everything they buy helps the creators they love most.

core business values

we’re here for our customers and aim to support content creators as one of the fastest growing small business industries! a partnership with typkup will help your business grow so you can continue to produce the content you are passionate about.

our core business values include:
  • equality
  • integrity & authenticity
  • liberty
  • freedom of speech